Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Advocare Coupon 20%-40% | Learn how to get 20-40% off your Advocare order

Have you been wanting to try advocare but unsure because of the cost? Well I am here to tell you how you can save 20%-40% off your orders on

To get the 20% off advocare product you will need to register with advocare tobecome a distributor for $79 which includes a distributor kit and $50 worth of samples. You will then be able to order and or sell the advocare products for a 20% profit. If you begin ordering products and reach a certain volume, you can start getting 40% off your advocare products.

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If you would like to learn more about becoming a distributor
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My Story

I have been taking advocare products for about 16 years now. I absolutely love their products and would recommend them to anyone wanting to get in shape, loose weight, more energy or just for overall health improvement. I have taken advocare through 5 pregnancies and now my sixth. Advocare has helped me maintain my weight through each pregnancy, and helped me to get back in shape after with there performance elite line (along with beachbody workouts).

During this pregnancy I have been struggling with energy so I have been taking the advocare spark (half) instead of coffee. Although I don't recommend any caffeine while pregnant, with 5 kids I just need that extra boost. After this pregnancy I plan on doing the 24 day challenge to help me jump-start my weight loss and get back in shape.

Update: I know have 7 children and still take the Spark for energy (as you can imagine I need it).


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